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The Matrix Tech Suit is our top-of-the-line FINA approved competitive tech suit created with propriety Exo-Core technology. The Matrix Tech Suit features both adaptive compression material to reduce muscle vibration and drag while ensuring maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. In addition, the Matrix includes a sustaining tape system for improved body position by utilizing front and back axis tape and cross-coordinating to improve length and position.

  • Adapted Compression Material
    Striped fabric provides high level of compression and one-way progressive stretch (vertical) = Reduced vibration
    53% Polyamide / 33% Elastane / 13% Polyester / 1% Metal
  • Jacquard Material
    4-way stretch allows for maximum muscle flexibility
    55% Polyamide / 45% Elastane
  • Exo-Core technology
    Combines 2 kinds of fabric for compression and freedom of movement: Jacquard (3D) and Flat-Adapted Compression (stripes)
  • Sustaining Tape System
    Improved body position with more horizontal buoyancy utilizing front and back axis tape, cross-coordinating to improve length and position of body
  • Water Repellent Fabrics
    Overall velocity improvement due to less drag = faster swim times
  • FINA Approved

Size Guide

Please take accurate and conservative measurements - do not guess sizing. Tech suits are an ultra form-fitting, second-skin product for peak performance. Exchanges due to incorrect sizing will only be approved with certain criteria met. 
Size Chart Sizing - Matrix Tech Suit for Women